The first of the Capacity Expansion Projects at Temasek Polytechnic, South Wing Phase 1 is a 3-storey, 18,000sqm new teaching facility comprising teaching facilities such as classrooms and interactive learning laboratories, a 300-seater music performance auditorium and administrative staff offices.

The intrinsic nature of the hexagonal classroom form eliminated the ‘designated front’ of a typical rectangular classroom.   Whether used for lecture-style teaching or group-based learning the students and teacher always interact more effectively in a hexagonal space as: more students sit closer to the whiteboard.

The green wall wrapped around Level 3 helps to reduce solar heat gain into the air-conditioned offices. Worked around a module for easy constructability and installation, each module features a play of glass and green allowing for views out and daylight into the offices.

A significant facade and design feature, this unique outlook stands out as one of its kind among the existing buildings on campus.


GFA 18,300 Sqm
Completed 2012