Companies today understand that a collaborative culture, a great environment and innovative technology makes employees happier and therefore more productive.

The planning was conceptualised on two intersecting and overlapping spatial planning ideas. Firstly, a central activity spine comprising collaborative support spaces with clustered workstations on both sides. The 'spine' comprises of transparent phone booths, quiet corners, open discussion pods and various discussion rooms, facilitating cross-collaboration when the users to move back and forth from individual desk to room.  Secondly, another group of bench style work stations sit below a lofty ceiling, with support spaces on the sides. The two groups intersect and share a common town hall space.

The use of glass for internal partitions promotes openness and allows daylight to permeate into the office. The office feels spacious, enjoying a more intimate and humanised environment with agile spaces and nooks.



GFA 1,100 sqm
Completed 2017