The Centre is envisioned as an inter-disciplinary building type housing world-class research incubators. More than a cursory multi-function building with public atriums and collaborative zones, the Centre is envisioned as a creative sanctuary for a community of visionaries. To that end, a variety of interactive spaces with different scales, mood, and degrees of intimacy is designed to suit such diverse individuals as visiting entrepreneurs, clinicians, technologists and biomedical engineers when they work together. These unconventional - even casual - interiors set users at ease to develop creative ideas.
The unique topography of the proposed site presents opportunities for a distinctive building that enhances existing characteristics. With spectacular view, unique hilly topography and mature greenery, the building engages nature on the outside and on the inside as well. There are many opportunities to include various forms of “architectural greenery” like sky terraces and roof gardens to reduce the visual impact of a new building and restore greenery to the site.