The Law Faculty moved to Bukit Timah Campus in August 2006. A 300 seat lecture theatre as well as an auditorium for 500 required constructing new buildings on the grounds as new spatial types could not be accommodated within the conserved and preserved buildings of the historical campus.  

The new lecture theatre and auditorium are sited in the location of the original lecture theatres. Designed as individual buildings, the large scale as well as the inward looking nature of the new developments required separation of the two facilities.

Glass sandwiching a pure white laminate in panel sizes allows the mass to disappear against the sky or on a more gloomy day, to have silhouettes of the surrounding greenery cast upon it.

A new connecting route adjacent to the upper and lower quadrangle was etched out of the maze of old buildings to create a more legible and climate friendly campus.

Phase II which comprises the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy was completed in 2007.


GFA 37,680 Sqm
Completed 2006