The design sought to build a vibrant industrial community where knowledge sharing and social interactions are prized, where work spaces are agile, smart, safe and inclusive. It is a 24/7 activity-based work place where users work-live-play-learn.
Key to the ground plane design is a much-needed 24/7 urban connector anchored by an event plaza and F&B with alfresco seating linking the industrial park. This opportunity adds layering and nuances to “catalyse” the industrial park into a community where users truly work-live-play-learn.
A curved façade frames the two volumes while adding a soft touch and reducing the bulkiness of the industrial development. A communal landscaped thoroughfare is inserted between the two volumes at 1st and 3rd Storey to create green pockets for social interaction while acting as visual punctuation.

GFA 118,000 sqm