The development was one of the first in Singapore that required another organisation to share the site of an existing community club. Apart from intensifying the land use of institutional sites, the policy aimed at encouraging a better mix of community activities within existing developments or site.

In this project, a 4-storey Neighbourhood Police Centre was to cohabit the site with an existing community centre, the Henderson Community Club. The distinct differences in the nature of the activities of the two organisations presented an interesting challenge architecturally. By locating next to a community club, the police centre aimed to be seen as user-friendly and it hoped to encourage a community face for the police. On the other hand, the organisation needed a semblance of austerity in order to continue to gain respect as a keeper of law and order.

The architectural solution to ensure that both identities do not appear to clash was to create a common public entrance to suggest that both organisations are of the same community orientation.

A metal mesh screen that keeps the rain away but allows the activities of the development to be visible give a proud and prominent facade to the entrance. Designed for night use, because most of the public activities of a community club in fact takes place during the nights, careful lighting ensures the translucency of the screen facade is maintained.

GFA 4,620 Sqm
Completed 2002