Recognising that historical imagery can evoke emotional and cultural connections, the design of this mosque adapted traditional elements to create contemporary versions of the arch, the minaret and the arabesque.

The eight fair face concrete arches are three-dimensional and act to provide a free-span prayer space by transferring the load of the upper three levels. The minaret is designed as a sculpture held together by overlapping 25mm curved steel plates.
The arabesque represents the Quran in its multiplicitous nature. It appears on the gates, fencing, custom-designed carpet and even the Chogma.

Beyond the imagery, the design brings forth universal attributes of spiritual attainment like calmness, a sense of oneness and a relationship with God. In the main prayer hall, this is created with an inward tilting four-storey wall to create a sense of awe.

Natural light from slit-skylights creates an ethereal ambience. The ablution is conducted around pools of moving water, giver of life and a natural source of cleansing.


GFA 3,490 Sqm
Completed 2004